For Your Business
Custom Glass & Mirror

We have every variety of hand crafted products that you may need within the industry in order to create the perfect business environment.
  Windows and Insulated Units

No matter what size or specification you need for your business, we can create any type of window.
  Fire Rated, Tempered, Low-E, Laminated, and Bulletproof Glass

This category is made to fit your safety and eco-minded ideas. If you need special rated glass for your high rise building or storefront, shower doors for your hotel, special thickness glass for a bank, or energy saving solutions, Prisma can meet every need.
  Panels, Partitions, Doors and Doorlites

Whether you need glass storefront windows, Herculite doors, glass cubicles, or panels to go in your office and elevators; we can fabricate it for your business.
  Shelving and Display Units

Customized glass or mirror shelving units made to any specification. These units can be affixed to a wall or suspended in mid-air depending on your type of application.
  Flooring, Staircases and Railings

Want to try something to make your business look aesthetically different? Try a glass floor for your business, or if you really want to be creative how about adding glass railings and a staircase?
  Custom Furniture

Whether you want to protect your board room table or your desk, we can create solutions to help you keep your furniture last a lifetime.
  Privacy Glass

There is no need for blinds, tinted windows, or solid bathroom doors when with the flip of a switch or the turn of a lock your glass goes from clear to opaque.
  Mirror Pane

Ever think of installing mirrors where you can see out and others cannot see in? Prisma has the optimal solutions for this application.
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