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Architectural Glass

This type of glass has a repeating pattern. Some of our most popular types of architectural glass include:
Reeded   Fluted   Cross Reeded
Pattern 62   Rain   Glue Chip
Wire Glass   Acid Etched    
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Restoration Glass

This type of glass gives the effect of having that old-world look. Some of our most requested types of glass include:
Seedy   Heavy Seedy   Antique
Old World Reamy        
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Specialty Glass

If you are seeking a specific type of look or want something very unique, specialty glass can be tailored to any design. Here are some of our most requested selections: 
Starphire Glass
This glass is the clearest glass within the industry. In terms of color, the clearest glass is going to have the least amount of color. 
  Colored Glass laminates
Laminates can be customized to suit any color specification.
  Patterned laminated glass
We can laminate most flat objects or pictures to display them in the middle of the glass.
Painted back glass
We can match any glass to match your painted walls or create an aesthetically pleasing look. 
  Gradient Glass
Glass that can be tinted to any color specification and brightness.
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Specialty Mirror
Starphire Mirror
There is clear mirror and then there is starphire mirror. Starphire mirror is the most colorless mirror within the industry which gives the person looking in the mirror the best reflection.
  Antique Mirror
Whether you are looking to bring an old world feel back to a room or trying to create a rich atmosphere, antique mirrors can help you conceive this. We have many colors and varieties to help bring the antique ambiance into your room.
  Acid Etched Mirror
Opaque looking mirror that will still reflect the image.
 Black Mirror   Grey mirror    Bronze Mirror
Colored Mirror        
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